Jens Alberts

Mensch und Computer 2020

Das „Getrost Vergessen“-Projekt ist mit dem Langbeitrag „Do Not Disturb! Trust in Decision Support Systems Improves Work Outcomes Under Certain Conditions” bei der diesjährigen Mensch und Computer Konferenz vertreten

Aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie findet die Konferenz dieses Jahr virtuell statt und Sessions werden auf YouTube gestreamt. Unter folgendem Link kann die Präsentation in der Session am Dienstag, 08.09.2020, zwischen 14:00 und 15:15 verfolgt und danach dauerhaft abgerufen werden: LINK

Abstract: Organizations provide their employees with decision support systems (DSS) to facilitate successful decision making. However, the mere provision of a DSS may not be sufficient to facilitate beneficial work outcomes because employees often do not rely on a DSS. Therefore, we examined whether users’ trust in a DSS increases positive effects of DSS provision on several core work outcomes (i.e., performance, well-being, and release of cognitive capacities). Moreover, we examined whether trust effects on these work outcomes depend on specific context conditions (i.e., user accountability, distraction, and market dynamics). We tested our hypotheses in a laboratory experiment with N = 201 participants who received assistance by a DSS in a simulated sales planning scenario. In line with our assumptions, trust in the DSS was positively related to users’ performance and well-being. Moreover, the link between trust and strain as well as release of cognitive capacities were qualified by distraction, so that higher distraction diminished these links. No such moderation occurred for user accountability and market dynamics.