Jens Alberts

Presentation at ECIS 2019 on Trust Management

Vortrag von Dennis Riehle in Stockholm
Vortrag von Dennis Riehle in Stockholm

Last week we presented our results on trust management at the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2019), June 10-14 in Stockholm, Sweden. In the publication we deal with the question of how trust in information systems can be actively promoted through management decisions. Especially in the domain of business informatics, trust has to be integrated more strongly into the design of information systems, for example by taking trust more into account in process management. The research results have been developed in cooperation with Michael Rosemann from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia


The focus of the Information Systems (IS) research on trust has been on the perception of trust and explaining the concept in terms of its antecedents. The merits of this descriptive and explanatory knowledge notwithstanding, the usefulness and applicability of this knowledge for organizations that aim at actively influencing their trust position is limited. In light of recent public scandals in areas such as social media, car manufacturing or financial services, organizations require an understanding of how customer trust can be managed using contemporary information systems solutions. In this paper we propose trust management as an IS theme of increasing relevance and draw upon extant research in IS, psychology, and marketing to bridge the gap between topics such as risk management, compliance management and governance on the one hand and trust management on the other. We utilize Botsman’s concept of uncertainty as a proxy for customer trust to bring together organizational approaches that can objectively reduce uncertainty linked to an organization, its processes, products, and services with the customer’s perception of this uncertainty. We contribute to the further maturity of trust management by providing new foundations and providing explicit advice on how to improve trust in organizations.

Proceedings of the ECIS 2019, Stockholm

Chasin, F., Riehle, D. M., & Rosemann, M. (2019). Trust Management — An Information Systems Perspective. In Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2019), Stockholm, Sweden. PDF